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SANTA shirts

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Christmas shirts

If you want to know any further details on any product just message us.
We sell clothes but primarily are dog coat makers, established 20 years.
The measurements given are in case you want to turn your shirt into a dog coat. This is the measurement from collar to the bottom of the shirt. If you're buying the shirt for a human then add half an inch.
PLEASE NOTE: we make dog coats but have no links to any sports club or any other company. 
We are not authorised to sell you a dog football shirt, but once you have purchased a shirt you can do what you like with it, including paying us to turn it into a luxury dog coat. They're lined with fleece, and have waterproof nylon hidden in between the 2 layers of fabric, keeping your dog dry (as sports shirts aren't waterproof). If you wish to upcycle our shirts add them to your basket, and here's the link for the upcycling...
You can legally pay us to upcycle your clothes, but for branded shirts including all sports shirts, you are then not allowed to sell it. But don't worry, they're the business, and your dog won't let you!